Ultra Series Race compounds
Ultra Series Race compounds
Ultra Series Race compounds
Ultra Series Race compounds
Ultra Series Race compounds
Ultra Series Race compounds
Ultra Series Race compounds
Ultra Series Race compounds

Ultra Series Race compounds

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Ultra series race compounds  1000hp

A complete VFI Engineered Compound turbo system created for max power for your 7.3l power stroke

Dual s400 turbo chargers with dual high flow compact v band exhaust housings with the use of 2.5 inch log headers and 2.5 inch up pipes allows for more than double exhaust flow over stock manifolds and up pipes giving your power stroke all the air flow it needs for max power 

A 46mm precision turbo waste gate is used to divert exhaust gasses to the atmospheric turbo charger allowing excellent control over spool and back pressure to boost pressure ratio characteristics 

The race compounds system comes with optional air to air intercooling or water to air or the combination of both to get your air density as high as possible for max power

The entire kit is constructed using thick walled 304 stainless steel giving you the best thermal insulating performance more heat stays in the piping allowing you to get the most out of your exhaust energy and keeps the heat out of the engine bay no need for turbo blanks as the exhaust housings are constructed from stainless steel and provide excellent thermal retention properties 

The Race compound system is capable of producing more than 1000hp also capable of generating more than 100 pounds of boost pressure 

This tuned system has ultra class back pressure to boost pressure ratio

1:1 is the ideal pressure ratio  for example 10 pounds of boost going into the engine 10 pounds of exhaust pressure coming out of the engine gives you a 1:1 ratio 

Most single turbo systems and stock drop in turbos will come close to achieving this ratio but as it is acceptable to run higher such as a 2:1 ratio (10 pounds of boost / 20 pounds of exhaust back pressure) this allows for quicker spool up and better throttle response for lower rpm but these higher ratios  also come with a price of decreased performance higher exhaust gas temperatures less cylinder fill and higher stresses on the engine internal components

The Ultra Series race compound turbo system has a POSITIVE back to boost pressure ratio of 1to1.5 we have tested this system and achieved 15 pounds of boost with only 10 pounds of exhaust back pressure this indicates that this compound system is feeding the 7.3l power stroke with more than enough air allowing for max power this allows for 100% cylinder fill which lowers exhaust gas temps cools intake valves minimizes soot generation allows higher combustion efficiency (lowers cylinder pressures a head gasket killer)  and with lower exhaust back pressure than boost pressure it removes the parasitic power loss of the engine using its own power to push out the exhaust allowing you to squeeze every drop of power out of your 7.3l power stroke

you may think a pressure ratio like this would have a very slow spool up but you are dead Wrong this system has excellent spool up and is easily daily drivable and is excellent for towing if you want real legit reliable big power compounds for your 7.3l power stroke than this is the kit for you! This system comes bolt on ready and from its compacted design it dose not compromise factory features such as your air conditioning or battery location

Whats in the box

-VFI performance s480 turbo

-VFI performance S464 turbo

-46mm Precision turbo waste gate

-Ultra series 2.5in log headers and 2.5in up up pipes

-4in high flow down pipe

-Ultra series stainless 3in V band intake manifolds

-Full 304 stainless intercooler v band piping kit  entire system is silicone boot free! 

- your choice for charge air coolers of air to air  or air to water or both ( price varies )

- air intake with filter and filter box  (configurations of filter and box varies with intercooler choice)

VFI 304 stainless turbo mount tower

includes all install accessories  oil fed and drain lines  / clamps nuts bolts ect

includes lifetime piping warranty